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Adventure Enquiry at the castle

Wake up the Colonel Mustard inside you

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Wake up the Colonel Mustard inside you, the foreman GASTON (known as la Gaffe) is found near death in his vehicle. The aim of the game is to collect as much information as possible in the form of clue cards in order to solve this case. The winning team is the one who - at the time of the trial - is the first to identify the suspect, as well as the place and weapon of the crime.

Your investigation will start with a session with the presiding judge, then you will go through the puzzle room where a multitude of challenges await you. 

You will pass through the weapons room, where you will learn to become a good shooter! The bridge room will not disappoint you and you will come out all the more agile. Going through the bar, pond and park, you will end your day with the final judgment!

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