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For People First, every company’s greatest asset is its human capital. Our job truly is reaching out, connecting and coming together.

To achieve this, we create unforgettable team experiences that truly allow people to bond with one another, through our team-building activities, our signature team events, our CSR oriented programs and exclusive venues.

With outstanding concepts, awe-inspiring locations, memorable challenges and thrilling adventures, backed up by state-of-the-art equipment and professional coaches and staff : we use all of our resources to offer an intense and original human experience, where values such as passion, transparency, pleasure and surpassing oneself take on true meaning.

There is nothing like cooperating for a common goal and surpassing yourself. That's why, at People First, we like to do things as a team, relaxed and with a smile.

Our team

People First is composed by many talented people who love to go forward. 

Head of People First Luxembourg +352 671 315 015
Head of People First Belgium
Head of Digital Teambuilding
Head of Production
Event Producer
Graphic Designer
Digital Analyst & Lead Acquisition