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Sales conditions


 1.1. The conditions below hold true for each good, accomplished work and service, broader called “services”, which have to be agreed with and by the service provider.


1.2. Each offer which gets accepted by the client and confirmed by the service provider, contains that below-mentioned conditions get accepted. Those conditions are considered before every other version, also the general buying conditions or other conditions of the client.


1.3. below-mentioned general terms and conditions, as presented to the client, form one contract unit and includes every contract relation which take place between the different parties


Article 2 –Changes

 2.1. Every change of these terms and conditions has to be established by the service provider, for which he has to give a written agreement.


Article 3 – Offer and order

 3.1. Service providers commit themselves to the orders made only after a written agreement


3.2. Each offer is valid for a period of fourteen days as of the day it is presented to the client


3.3. The prices in the offer only cover the described services, excluding all other prestation.


3.4. The service provider will be legally entitled by the offer only after 50 % of the total agreed-upon amount is paid by the client.


Article 4 – Prices

 4.1. All prices are in euros and excluding VAT


 Article 5 – Payment

5.1. Invoices can be paid at any time up until the expiry date.


5.2. Every payment with a delay of more than 15 calendar days, will lead to an increase, in its own rights, of an interest of 1% per month. Note that every month started will be counted entirely.


5.3. Every payment reminder sent to the client will be charged by the service provider at € 12,5 for each normal letter, excluding any juridical costs that might be involved, which will be charged to the client as well.


5.4. Every disagreement regarding an invoice must be transmitted, at the latest, eight calendar days after the issuing date via email at: admin@people-first.be.


5.5. An invoice of 50% deposit will be addressed by the service provider to the client as soon as the client accepts the offer.


5.6. The invoice will be calculated based on the number of participants, communicated the latest 7 days before the day of the event. 


 Article 6 – Cancellations - Compensation

6.1. Every cancellation or change of the event must be shared written down.


6.2. In case of violation – cancellation of the agreements from the client –he will be entitled to pay the service provider a fixed-rated compensation of:


  • 50% of the total amount if the cancellation happens 30 days or more before the day of the event.
  • 75% of the total amount if the cancellation happens between 29 and 14 days prior to the event
  • 100% of the total amount if the cancellation happens less than 14 days before the day of the event. 



 Article 7 – liabilities - Insurance

7.1. Liability insurance

De participant is aware of the risk associated with the activity. The service provider is held accountable for fraud or heavy mistakes from itself or appointees and mandate holders. De service provider is also held accountable for any obligation, previously written in the contract, which is not performed. The consumer does not hold a right of


renunciation as stated in the royal decree of 18 November 2002, excluding certain distance contracts in respect of hotel accommodation, transport, restaurant and leisure services, from the scope of application of the articles 79 and 80 of the Act of 14 July 1991 concerning the business practices.

The service provider advices the participants to subscribe for an extra individual insurance which covers the damages for which the service provider is not liable. See Article 7.2.


7.2. Individual accident insurance

It is possible to ask for an individual accident insurance. If this is asked by the client, a list of all the names, surnames, addresses and birthdates must be submitted to the service provider 3 days before the event.


Article 8 – Force majeure


8.1. The service provider cannot be hold accountable for a cancellation of the whole or a part of the event or services in case of a force majeure or because of unusual conditions which are beyond the control of the service provider. This includes, but is not limited to: flood, fire, storm, strike from the public transport services, a recommendation from the CUTA in case of a terror attack or threat of a terror attack.


8.2. The parties agree that they will as soon as possible discuss an arrangement for the performance of the order during the lengths of the force majeure. 


Article 9 – Nullity


9.1. If for any reason one of the stated general conditions is not valid, it does not affect the validity of the other general conditions. The other general conditions remain valid.


Article 10 Disputes – Competence – Applicable law


10.1. This agreement will be judged and interpreted according to the Belgian law. 


10.2. Each contestation regarding the validity, the interpretation and/or the prestation of an agreement with the service provider will fall under the jurisdiction of the district Brussels.


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