Adventure The Rock

Mountain adventures to build team bonds and boost bravery!

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The setting is majestic ruins in an awesome rocky terrain, a little bit like the mountains. The activities are all about big adventures in adrenaline. Teamwork is essential as groups are challenged on their agility, mental agility, common sense, precision and …courage! Highly trained climbing coaches are always at their side. Team members, colleagues, are motivated to really give every ounce of effort and concentration to win the title “Master of the Rock”.

‹‹ I wanted to give you a feedback from the team building of last Friday at the castle of Bioul. The activities went very well. The program was very varied (without being too busy) with a visit to the ruins of Montaigle, the Draisines and a visit to the vine ›› M.F
‹‹ Nous souhaiterions vous remercier vous et votre équipe pour l’organisation de ce teambuilding : tout était parfait. ›› M.G
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