Adventure Forest Games

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Take a trip into rural Ardennes culture with your colleagues; re-connect with the beauty of the environment and the ancient artisanal crafts that still exist there. In these activities your colleagues will open up, bond with each other and gain extra confidence in having a go at the unknown and discovering new pastimes. In the foundry they will learn how to sharpen tools and handsaws, to tie knots, and to build out of wood – all essentials for forest work. The finale is unforgettable: to experience shepherding by guiding a flock of sheep with a Border Collie sheep dog under the tuition of a master. Time to also bond with animals! It’s a feeling to treasure forever.

‹‹ De commentaren zijn uitstekend ! Alles is prima verlopen. Een grote dankjewel aan Marlena ; de ontvangst was heel hartelijk en de service voortreffelijk. Haar flexibiliteit werd enorm gewaardeerd. De locatie is ideaal, prachtig in de natuur! ›› E.D
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